We aim to make Highgate and its neighbourhood a better place in which to live and work;
to ensure that any changes made in the environment enhance the amenity of the area:
to encourage sound planning and to improve public transport.

Highgate Neighbourhood Plan referendum UPDATE

Misinformation is circulating about the Neighbourhood Plan urging a 'no' vote on the 6th July. The plan has been in preparation for several years by a group of local volunteers and the Highgate Society fully supports it and would encourage you all to vote 'YES'.

Specifically the following points should be noted:

  • The Plans for the railway station are to retain it and modify it - There is an application to have it locally listed which would protect it further. 
  • There are no proposals at all for the woods behind the library in the neighbourhood plan. 
  • The owners of Goldsmith’s Court have wanted to redevelop it for some time - the Forum intervened on behalf of current residents to ensure they would be rehoused in any new development on the same terms. 
  • The 300 homes in the Plan have been allocated to Highgate by Haringey Council - they are an aspiration for the various possible development sites and a requirement on all London neighbourhoods. 
  • None of us want increased pollution and the Forum are actively monitoring this + policy DH9 in the Plan addresses this issue 
  • The Plan can be amended during its 15 year life but any amendments will have to go through the whole Consultation/approval by Councils/Independent Examination/Referendum process. 
  • The whole point of the Plan is to give protection against developers - a no vote will give them a green light to push through undersired development and would be hugely conterproductive.
  • There are no Plans to change our area beyond recognition. 
  • Highgate’s unique character will be retained - it is a Conservation  Area after all! 

The Neighbourhood Plan will protect the neighbourhood and if it is voted out, Haringey's Local Plan and Site Allocations will proceed without the modifying influence of the Neighbourhood Plan. Please vote ‘yes’ on July 6 and send a message to the Councils and developers alike that the community is prepared to defend Highgate.

Update on the HDV and the Judicial Review, From Gordon Peters

A letter has been sent to the Council formally saying that there is now:

1] a legal challenge being made to the Cabinet decision to go ahead with the HDV

2] asking Haringey Council not to enter into any contracts with Lendlease while this legal challenge is taking place

3] stating that a cost cap is being applied for.

Assuming the decision is made by the Council on the 3rd July to proceed, the Judicial Review application will be made within a week, most probably on 10 July by the barristers.

The Council will normally have 21 days to respond once the submission is made. Once there is a response the court is asked for a hearing. Assuming a hearing is granted, then a date is set - (probably September).

The legal challenge is expensive and there is a crowdfunding campaign currently short of its target which, if you are able, we would urge you to support:

Polling cards are on their way!

Vote “Yes” in the Referendum on the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan on July 6

Please show your support for the first cross-borough Neighbourhood Plan anywhere in the UK and demonstrate how much you care about Highgate by voting ‘yes’ for the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan on July 6. It deserves your support because:

It has been produced for the community by local community groups and individuals
It gives you a say in how our community cash (CIL monies) should be spent
It protects our woods, parks, gardens, allotments and other green spaces
It supports our high streets and protects our historic buildings and views
It promotes walking, cycling and public transport
It lays down planning rules for Highgate across the Borough boundary, including breakthrough new regulations on basements
It identifies sites to provide affordable housing for ‘down-sizers’ and first time buyers, as well as exciting community projects at The Bowl and the old Highgate overground station

You will be able to vote at your usual polling station or by Postal or Proxy Vote. Find out more and read the Plan at ForHighgate.org.


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Archway Gyratory Update

TfL are implementing the Archway Gyratory changes to Bus stops and roads and it is ongoing through January. Keep up to date on their web site. Gail head of the HS Transport and Traffic group is asking in letter attached here for any feedback you have please as a traveler good and not so good.


Follow this link to read about the ARCHWAY GYRATORY from TFL.

The results of TfL’s consultation on the proposed bus changes, which took place back in January/February this year, have only just been released, despite regular requests for this information.

Although 75% opposed the scheme and 15% partially opposed – a total of 90% – TfL is proceeding with the changes, with the new bus stops on Archway Road expected to come into use on Tuesday 6 December and the two-way traffic system in a fortnight, on the 18th December. Furthermore, it would seem that Bus stop E, on Highgate Hill, has been removed.

The Highgate Society and Kate Calvert, Chair of the Better Archway Forum, are contacting local and national press. Kate has already written to the Standard, raising the following questions:

How does this meet the TfL objectives of Improving interchanges, Improving London's buses, and Improved access to the transport system? 
Should a public service be free to ignore both the users and its own objectives like this?

The Highgate Society has written to Mayor Sadiq Khan, asking for a review of the gyratory scheme. READ HERE.

Grand Houses of Highgate

If you missed the recent exhibition and talk by Richard Webber about the 'Grand Houses of Highgate', or would like to see the panels which were displayed these are now available online. (Double-click to zoom. On tablets touch once to reveal controls)

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7.5t weight limit in Highgate

The Traffic & Transport Group of The Highgate Society has given considerable thought to what needs to be done about this proposal.
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