We aim to make Highgate and its neighbourhood a better place in which to live and work;
to ensure that any changes made in the environment enhance the amenity of the area:
to encourage sound planning and to improve public transport.

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Athlone House News

15 April 2014:

In response to our request for a progress report, Camden Council have today provided the following response:

"We hope to report the application to members of DC Committee at either the 8th May or 19th June DCC meeting. There is a lot of information to analyse including approx. 4000+ objections, which is the reason for the delay from March onwards."


On Tuesday 18 February, we delivered the Athlone House petition to Camden Council at the Town Hall in Judd Street. Huge congratulations must go to the many, many people, who worked so incredibly hard to reach such an impressive result.

The petition reached its 5000 signature target and its originator, Jack Boswell had the pleasure of handing the 265 pages of signatures and comments to Leader of Camden Council, Councillor Sarah Hayward and Cabinet Member for Planning, Councillor Phil Jones. Councillor Valerie Leach and Council candidate Siân Berry also attended. More here

The event provided an opportunity for us to convey to Councillors Hayward and Jones the full extent of the anger and resentment felt by the local community, as well as further afield.

This, of course, is merely the beginning and we continue to keep a close eye on progress, as Athlone House makes its way through the planning process.

You can watch our powerful Athlone House video and continue to sign the petition here


Copy of the full letter of objection to Camden about the Athlone House development.

Camden CEO Mike Cooke's response to Lynne Featherstone MP


Athlone House Under Threat Again

Athlone House, one of the most cherished landmark buildings overlooking Hampstead Heath, is still under threat, despite proposals for its demolition having been decisively rejected by Camden Council and at Appeal 2 years ago. Developers have now made a fresh application to demolish Athlone House and Camden Council have been made aware of how strongly local residents, and those who enjoy the Heath, oppose the scheme.  Over 1,200 emails were sent to support Camden and the Inspectorate in rejecting the previous application and we anticipate the numbers will be even greater this time around.

Camden Council's initial consultation period has now ended. However, as there is still a way to go as we move through the planning process, the petition objecting to the demolition of Athlone House will stay open for further signatures here.

For further information on the planning history and objection points click here

To view recent photos taken inside and outside the house click here

To view the planning application on Camden Council's website click here

Terry Gilliam says: "Londoners!! Those of you who love Hampstead Heath please help save Athlone House. Developers who did a deal to restore the house in exchange for building 3 blocks of very expensive flats have reneged on the contract and are trying to get planning permission to demolish the house and build a pile of oversized, over-blown, ostentatious mediocrity in it's place. Please help and sign the petition on the website before Xmas. It would be a great gift to the Heath".

Your favourite views and vistas

The Highgate Neighbourhood Forum is currently developing planning policy ready for consultation in a Referendum later in the year.

We would very much value your contribution on local views and vistas which you value and would like to see protected.

The Neighbourhood Plan Area is broadly the whole of N6 within Haringey and Camden borders.

Development which would adversely impact designated views will not normally be allowed.

Suggest your favourite views now http://j.mp/hnfvistasform

Shock planning decision will blight Highgate Village

A four storey modern development has been approved on appeal for the 'landmark' 69 Highgate High Street ‘flower stall’ site at the north/west entrance to the village, facing the historic Gatehouse pub and Highgate School Chapel. The development will significantly obstruct and block views into and from Pond Square as well as greatly alter views along the High Street. It will fundamentally alter the unique ‘village’ character of Highgate, destroying its defining and cherished rustic northern gateway.

The Highgate Society opposes this proposal as do Camden Council, English Heritage, The Pond Square Residents Association, a clear majority of respondents to the planning application and almost 4 out of 5 locals questioned in a random survey. (Read details and see graphs [pdf]).

Inspectors' decisions at an appeal cannot be changed, but a Judicial Review can be mounted where there are strong procedural grounds. The Highgate Society has taken advice from legal and planning experts and has been advised against such a move because of the financial risk involved. That the Society should find itself unable to mount any further recourse in the face of such a deeply unpopular development clearly demonstrates that the planning system is now stacked against communities to the point of being completely undemocratic.

Haringey Council Refuses Planning Permission for the Highgate Bowl

The Highgate Society is delighted to learn that Haringey Council has refused planning permission to build 3 large houses on the Highgate Garden Centre site in Townsend Yard, Highgate Village.

In response to continual threats to the Highgate Bowl we joined forces with the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum, the Highgate Conservation Area Advisory Committee, the Harington Scheme and other Highgate community and resident groups to form the Highgate Bowl Action Group to enable us to fight this application.

The response from the community was overwhelming and hundreds of letters, objecting to the proposal were received by the planning authority.

Among the several reasons for refusing planning permission Haringey  Council states that the proposal is "at odds with the open undeveloped character of the Bowl and the contribution it makes in defining the character and setting of Highgate as a hilltop village, in addition to failing to preserve the character and appearance of this part of the conservation area; contrary to London Plan Policies 7.4 'Local Character', Policy 7.6 'Architecture' and 7.8 'Heritage As sets and Archaeology'; Haringey Local Plan Policy SP11 'Design', SP12 'Conservation'; and Saved UDP Policy UD3 'General Principles'." 

Read the full Planning Officer Report and Decision Notice here:


Be part of it!

The Highgate Society is a voluntary organisation of 1,400 members living in and around Highgate, London N6. Our primary aim is to make Highgate a better place in which to live and work.To achieve this we mount a wide variety of activities for members, (while being wide open to ideas for further new activities) as you can see from the panel on the left of screen. Prominent among these, under the heading of ‘Environment', is our dedication to principles of sound planning, for the protection and enhancement of the public amenities that we all enjoy.

Join us for coffee every Saturday between 10.30am and 12:30pm at 10a South Grove. Come and meet other members or talk to the Environment Committee if you would like some planning advice, or have a planning or environmental problem.



You can make a difference

We would like to welcome you to The Highgate Society and if you live in and around Highgate there will be something for you to know about, take part in or simply to enjoy. Please do join us, It is all quite easy.

The Society was started 40 years ago and we aim to keep Highgate a wonderful place to live and work. With three boroughs adjoining us, everyone’s opinion counts and we’d love to have yours. The more members we have, the stronger we are together to lobby for Highgate and keep our area special.

We have plenty of activities and groups to join, but if you are pressed for time you can be just a member, read Buzz and perhaps enjoy our Summer Festival Fair in the Square or Carols in December.

An individual membership costs just £15 a year, or £21 for a whole family. Our premises at 10a South Grove are available to hire for your parties, meetings and events. Coffee and biscuits are served every Saturday morning between 10.30 and 12.30 and all are welcome.

Buzz is The Society’s magazine and is produced four times during the year and you could have a copy of your own by joining.

Let us know if you want to join us. We’d be happy to talk to you about what we do, or feel free to pop into 10a any Saturday to meet the team.

Membership Team - Jan Morgan 0208 340 9490.

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