Highgate Society Chairman Kirsten de Keyser receives the Marsh Award in November 2014 in recognition of the Society's work in the field of National Heritage from Jo Winyard of the Marsh Christian Trust. Photo Tramar Karet



The Heritage Alliance is an alliance of about 100 national and specialist heritage-related organisations in England, which campaigns for better protection and use of our historic heritage. The Highgate Society receives its monthly newsletter through its affiliation to the London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies, which is a member. This link will enable you to read the newsletter, which contains a lot of information about what is happening to the national and local heritage.




A four storey modern development has been approved on appeal for the 'landmark' 69 Highgate High Street ‘flower stall’ site at the north/west entrance to the village, facing the historic Gatehouse pub and Highgate School Chapel. The development will significantly obstruct and block views into and from Pond Square as well as greatly alter views along the High Street. It will fundamentally alter the unique ‘village’ character of Highgate, destroying its defining and cherished rustic northern gateway.

The Highgate Society opposes this proposal as do Camden Council, English Heritage, The Pond Square Residents Association, a clear majority of respondents to the planning application and almost 4 out of 5 locals questioned in a random survey. (Read details and see graphs [pdf]).

Inspectors' decisions at an appeal cannot be changed, but a Judicial Review can be mounted where there are strong procedural grounds. The Highgate Society has taken advice from legal and planning experts and have been advised against such a move because of the financial risk involved. That the Society should find itself unable to mount any further recourse in the face of such a deeply unpopular development clearly demonstrates that the planning system is now stacked against communities to the point of being completely undemocratic.


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