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September Superhomes around Highgate


Bertram St thermal image of heat loss

Superhomes are opening up homes with eco-friendly technologies on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th Sept 2017, in parallel with Open House London.

Homes around the Highgate Area include:

  • The Coach House, Belsize Park Gardens
  • Belsize Court Garages
  • Bertram St Highgate
  • Hargrave Rd Archway
  • Grosvenor Rd Muswell Hill
  • Heath View East Finchley
  • Yewtree Close, Muswell Hill
  • Weir Hall Rd, Edmonton

Click on the Superhomes link and search by name or open this word doc to find more details of these homes.

For the full press release open this word doc


Make your home energy-chic

A house or flat that's delightfully warm, free of draughts, condensation and mouldy patches AND is easier on the environment - what's not to like?

For those who thought that 2017 might be the time to make their home energy-chic, our series of talks and consultation sessions, led by expert professionals, was designed to put them on the right track. The audience had the chance to talk 1-1 with leading professionals about their particular project and to generally socialise and talk about comfortable homes.

Plus there's the chance to visit homes in and around Highgate to see solutions in practice and to talk with the people who live there about their experiences.

The First Event on Wed 8th Feb 2017

was chaired by John Doggart of Superhomes (click here for talk) featuring:

Russell Smith of Parity Projects and Retrofit Works-"Assessing the Way Forward for your Home - a Whole House Perspective' (click here for talk)

Robert Prewett of Prewett Bizley Architects and Retrofit Academy - "Insulation - opportunities and constraints within existing buildings" (click here for talk)

Peter Rickaby of Rickaby Thompson - "No Insulation without Ventilation" (click here for talk)


The Second Event on 15th March

was chaired by Elspeth Clements of Clements Porter architects and the Highgate Society.

It featured:

Dermot Barnes of Ecodomus "Windows and Doors - Balancing Light, Warmth and Ventilation into your Project". (Click here for talk)

John Sleeman of Sleeman Heating "Heating and Heating Controls". (Click here for talk)

Cath Hassell of ech2o "Sustainable Water Solutions for Urban Homes - inc energy efficient plumbing design and use of rainwater outside" (click here for talk)


The Final, Third, event on Wed 19th April 2017

was chaired by Cara Jenkinson of the Highgate Society

It featured:

Dermot Barnes of Ecodomus - Solar - PV and Thermal  (click here for talk)

Edward Sharpley of Franck Energy - Air Source and Ground Heat Pumps (click here for talk)

Stewart McIlroy of the Muswell Hill Sustainability Group - Wood Burning Stoves (click here for talk)


SuperHome Open Days, Sep 2016

SuperHomes are older homes refurbished by their owners, resulting in a carbon saving of at least 60%. These pioneers have achieved thermal comfort and low energy use without compromise. You’ll find none of the squeezed living spaces typical of many recently built new homes here! Even better, these refurbished older homes are around 40% more energy efficient in terms of their energy use per square meter than the average UK home. This is quite some achievement, given that many are larger family homes built in Victorian times.

Sample homes in the area open in Sept 2016 include:

Haringey, Muswell Hill, Grosvenor Road. House Type: Edwardian 1900 end of terrace. Owners: Stewart and Mary McIlroy, Carbon Saving: 61%

Haringey, Muswell Hill, Yewtree Close  House Type: 1984, single storey, timber framed detached hous. Owners: Lucy Craig and Gordon Best. Carbon savings@ 81%

Camden, 8a Belsize Court Garages House Type: Victorian Mews House, 19th century, end of terrace, 2 floors. Owners: Sanya Polescuk and Nigel Higgins. Carbon savings: 75%.


Green-a-Neighbour homes around Highgate, Muswell Hill and Crouch End

This was a pioneering event giving friends, acquaintances and neighbours the chance to pop round and see what they’ve been doing round the corner!

Highgate, Muswell Hill and nearby areas have a rich variety of buildings of character and architectural interest. Yet most were built for the lifestyles, comfort expectations and heating costs of a previous era.

This local initiative aimed to bring people together in a social atmosphere and show off energy efficiency measures. As usual it helped visitors find the inspiration and information to create a home suited to the 21st century – comfortable, well insulated and well lit, but using much less fuel. Most of the hosts live in a conservation area and could discuss the opportunities suitable for heritage houses. Chatting in this informal way (with refreshments) proved to be enjoyable and effective.

The event was sponsored by the Centre for Sustainable Homes who will use it as a case study that shows how effective it is to 'spread the word' this way.


 21st century homes: character - comfort - low carbon weekend event

See for list of exhibitors, for list of speakers.

Being energy-aware when carrying out any kind of work on property – whether it’s a new building, a full-scale refurbishment, doing up your kitchen, or simply redecorating – can make a significant difference to both comfort levels and energy costs. Making a wise decision now will bring benefits for many years to come.

And for those who don’t want to embark on a big energy initiative, there are plenty of small and inexpensive measures that will help keep the winter chills out and the energy bills down.



  12th April 2014 - HERE COMES THE SUN

   To see the talks and wall posters click here. 


8 February 2013 - be warmer at home

Sarah Harrison a local home energy consultant talked about 'Where your heat is going, and easy ways to stop it!'
Click here to see the presentation slides

Over tea and cakes the following people talked to people who had come to find out how to be warmer:

Tom Ruxton of the HEET Project (a not-for-profit organization with a team that offers very low-cost draughtproofing and other measures to keep the house warm, plus whether switching to other suppliers can help cut costs)
John Sleeman, local heating engineer specializing in energy saving

John Rudge, local window restoration/draughtproofing specialist
Julie Oram of Camden sustainability team: energy-saving and how Camden can help

3 June 2013 - thermal images around highgate - workshop

On 3rd June over 20 people came to 10a to learn more about the heat loss that had been captured by images of their homes on a bitterly cold night in March.  The discussion exposed the complexities of wall insulation, the challenges of the Green Deal and many other facets concerning the Sustainable Homes ‘mantra’ of - character - comfort - low carbon.

Participants pointed out areas on their own homes that illustrated topics such as weaknesses in double glazing, roof insulation and issues regarding wall insulation. The links below were provided to reliable sources of information.

Click here to see the slides that guided the conversation.


Glass and Glazing Federation  quick assessment developed with the Energy Savings Trust

English Heritage research re Sash Windows 

English Heritage research re draught proofing


English Heritage research re insulating solid walls
Energy Savings Trust re external wall insulation  


English Heritage roof insulation - pitched roofs rafter level warm roofs

English Heritage roof insulation - pitched roofs ceiling level cold roofs

Green Deal


Find a Green Deal company

17 Nov 2012 - winterproof your home

Getting the best from your boiler  An expert heating engineer addressed questions such as: Can you cut your heating bills and be more comfortable? What’s the best temperature to set the boiler at? Is it better to run the central heating in short bursts, or for longer at a lower temperature? What makes most sense - a thermostat in the hall, or individual thermostatic radiator valves? Is it worth scrapping an old but functioning boiler? How quickly does a new boiler pay for itself, and how long will it last? What’s a weather compensator?

Warm indoors - simple ways to winterproof your home.Easy, low-tech measures may not sound glamourous but they are effective, while some professional solutions may take less time than you think. A range of improvements was covered and how to do them yourself or find someone to do them for you.


28 Nov 2012 - english heritage talk

Claire Craig of English Heritage gave an excellent talk on the opportunities and challenges of improving energy in listed and conservation area homes.

Retrofitting Traditional Buildings for Improved Energy performance 28.11.12


21st century homes event 15th/16th Sept 2012

This was aimed at people who were renovating or extending their home,replacing a kitchen or thinking of new windows, wondering how to cut the draughts (or fuel bills) or just intrigued by the idea of a 'greener' home?

It consisted of an exhibition on Saturday the 15th September at Channing School and House tours on Sunday 16th.

Exhibitors listed by category